6 Tips How to Write an Informative Essay

It’s Tuesday evening, and you haven’t even started your informative essay on your pillow pet. You don’t even know how to write an informative essay. Don’t panic, I’m here to assist you! To draft the first version of your essay, follow these easy steps. After you’ve finished your draft, go over it again and make any necessary adjustments.

Don’t stop there, though! Check your work with a parent, relative, or acquaintance. Because your work must make sense to others, this is a crucial phase. While your essay may “sound” correct to you, it may not be the ideal approach to express yourself to others. Finally, make any changes that your reviewer suggests. BAM, you’ve completed an insightful essay that’s ready to submit!

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What should I do first?

To begin, you must determine the style your essay should be written in: informative, persuasive, or argumentative. The essay style needed will be determined by your teacher. We’ll concentrate on instructive writing for the purposes of this example.

So, what is the definition of an informative essay? It is a form of academic paper produced with the intent of informing the audience about a specific object, person, event, or phenomena. This style of essay necessitates the gathering of knowledge about the subject. Your purpose is to provide a thorough explanation of the topic in response to the prompt question.

The second need of how to write an informative essay is that you are familiar with your writing task. The topic for today’s example is as follows: Write about your favorite animal, whether wild or domestic. In your essay, include intriguing facts about with this animal.

What is your favorite animal, and why? That may appear straightforward, but the point is that you really want to write about something which interests you. It will make your paper less of a chore to write. I’m going to write the about platypus for today’s example. Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb may be known if you’re a Disney fan!

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After that, you must come up with three reasons why this animal is your favorite. You may need to do some study about your animal for this phase. During your study ask yourself, what are 3 intriguing facts about this species which some people may well not know? Remember, you’re writing an informative essay, thus your purpose is to inform your reader about your subject.

But how do I go about “researching”?

The research stage is enjoyable and simple if you know where to look. This section will assist you in learning new information about your topic that you may not have previously known. Copy the links to where you found the information online or the title and page number of the book that contains the information that you will be utilizing in your paper when you discover it.

How can I tell if this source is reliable?

The first rule of research is to never utilize wikipedia.com because anyone on the internet can change it. So, if you’re looking for information on the internet, go to mytpl.org/reference to access the library’s own information resources. Select “database by” from the library’s reference page.

Select “academic search complete” after entering your name. This will allow you to search the library’s entire online collection. You can also use “Google Scholar” at scholar.google.com, which will provide you with a large number of reliable sources. Try to avoid using a standard Google or Bing search because the results may not be reliable.

You’ll need to gather information from multiple sources. Your teacher will inform you of the number of sources required for your bibliography or works cited page, which will appear at the end of your paper. Also, don’t be concerned! I’ll be here to assist you with that as well! In most cases, you’ll need at least 3 to 4 trustworthy sources to include in your bibliography. The more sources you have, the better—it demonstrates that you spent time researching new information before writing your paper.

When do you think we’ll be able to start writing?

Not so quickly! We must first organize our thoughts into an outline before we can begin writing. This will help you remain on track and arrange your writing. This is one of the most crucial elements in the writing process. I’ll show you how to create an outline, then show you an example before showing you a blank frame that you can fill in with your own content!

Make an outline for your essay.

Remember that this is a 5-paragraph essay, therefore the first paragraph will be your introduction, the second paragraph will be your first key point, the third paragraph will be your second main point, the fourth paragraph will be your third main point, and the fifth paragraph will be your conclusion. Remember that each paragraph must begin with a theme sentence, three supporting detail sentences, and a conclusion or transitional sentence.

Isn’t it simple enough? Look at the completed outline example below, which was created using today’s example prompt: Write about your favorite animal, whether wild or domesticated. In your essay, include intriguing facts about this animal.

Your outline will help you stay organized while also serving as a repository for your study. Add fascinating facts or information about your topic to your outline when you come across them. Keep track of where you obtained your information.

When I’ve finished writing my essay, how do I format it?

It’s possible that your teacher will ask you to write in “MLA format.” For school papers, this is the traditional writing format. To begin, make sure your margins are one inch wide (this is standard when you open a new word document). The next step is to double your line spacing, which will make it easier for your teacher to read and correct your work. The typeface must be Times New Roman in size 12 and in Times New Roman font. Finally, you’ll start your paper with a header. Your four-line header should be oriented to the left and read as follows: your complete name, instructor’s name, class name, and the date you’re handing it in, according to MLA format.

You may see that my outline does not exactly match my essay after reading the sample outline and example essay. This is because you must edit as you transfer information from the outline to the essay—check spellings, rephrase phrases to make sense, and add transition words where necessary. A friend was also able to look over my work and point out a few things I needed to improve in order for my writing to make sense. Remember that your outline is merely a framework for organizing your data. It’s fine to make changes or rewrite things as you work on your draft.

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