Acetylcholine molecules are actively transported from the axon to their receptors on the muscle membrane by special transport proteins.

Are these true or false?

  1. Acetylcholine molecules are actively transported from the axon to their receptors on the muscle membrane by special transport proteins.
  2. Receptors on the post-synaptic cell membrane that bind the acetylcholine are voltage-gated channels (channels that open in response to a change in the electrical charge of the membrane).
  3. When a muscle cell is not contracting its cell membrane is negative on the inner surface.
  4. The effect of a neurotransmitter on the muscle cell membrane is to modify its ion permeability properties temporarily.
  5. During depolarization, a small region of the muscle cell’s membrane becomes less negative on the inside.”
  6. Both sodium and potassium are more concentrated in the extracellular fluid than the intracellular fluid.
  7. After an action potential passes over a region of the sarcolemma the region remains positively charged throughout the entire muscle contraction.
  8. An increase in the calcium ion level in the cytosol causes thin filaments to begin sliding along thick filaments. When the level of calcium ions declines, sliding stops.”
  9. An action potential traveling toward a neuromuscular junction opens calcium ion channels at the presynaptic end, which in turn promotes fusion of synaptic vesicles to the axonal membrane.”
  10. One of the functions of skeletal muscle contraction is production of heat.
  11. Each skeletal muscle cell is activated by a nerve ending.
  12. The endomysium is superficial to the perimysium.
  13. The dark A band of a sarcomere contains regions where the actin and myosin filaments overlap
  14. Thin filaments (actin) contain active sites for myosin attachment.
  15. In a resting muscle fiber the concentration of calcium in the sacroplasmic reticulum is lower than the concentration of calcium in the rest of the intracellular fluid.
  16. During a muscle contraction the M lines connecting the centers of the myosin filaments get closer to the Z discs.
  17. A motor-unit includes a single neuron and multiple muscle fibers.
  18. Whenever motor neuron fires, all the muscle fibers in a the muscle are excited to contract.”
  19. All of the muscle fibers stimulated by the same motor neuron always contract together as a unit.
  20. A muscle cell can produce more force if there is more calcium in the fluid surrounding the actin and myosin filaments when it contracts.
  21. The force of muscle contraction is controlled by multiple motor unit recruitment.
  22. When you lift a two-pound book all of the fibers in your biceps brachii contract, but each produces only a very small amount of force. “
  23. During an eccentric contraction the muscle lengthens even though it is producing force.
  24. Returning calcium to the sarcoplasmic reticulum after a contraction does not require ATP.
  25. Muscle cells store more creatine phosphate than ATP as an energy reserve.
  26. Both aerobic and anaerobic respiration produce the same amount of ATP per glucose molecule.
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