Analysis and Example of a Compare and Contrast Essay

This article analyzes and outlines an example of a compare and contrast essay. Compare and contrast essays are academic papers in which a student evaluates two or more topics with each other. To compare is to study similarities between topics, while to contrast means to look at their contrasts. Both topics of the comparison are typically in the same category, yet they have their distinctions. For example, it may be two movies, two institutions, two automobiles etc.

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Good comparison and contrast articles concentrate on a core issue, highlighting the value and ramifications of this study. A compare and contrast essay thesis must create a significant comparison. Find the major idea of your essay and conduct some brainstorming for your thesis.

This style of essay is fairly prevalent among college and university students. Professors push their students to apply their analytical and comparing abilities and pay great attention to the topics of their comparisons. This style of essay engages observing and analysis, helps to construct a frame of reference, and makes relevant arguments about a topic.

Finding the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

When picking an essay topic, keep in mind that issues cannot be radically dissimilar, as there would be few to no areas of comparison (similarities). The same is true for excessive similarity, which results in weak contrasts. For instance, rather of writing about a composer and a vocalist, it is preferable to write about two composers.

It is critical to select a subject that you are enthusiastic about. You never want to come upon anything that strikes you as boring or unappealing. Here are some fantastic methods for subject brainstorming:

Discover categories: Select a category (for example, animals, films, or economics) and compare topics within it — wild animals to farm animals, Star Wars to Star Trek, private firms to public corporations, and so forth.

Random Surprising Fact: Conduct a search for amusing facts that might make excellent subjects. Did you realize that chickens have a dinosaur ancestor?

Film versus. Book: Generally, the book is superior than the film – unless it’s Blade Runner or The Lord of the Rings. If you’re a fan of popular culture, compare films to literature, video games, and comic books, among other things.

Consider the following intriguing suggestions:

Attending a college course vs. studying through distant education.

  • The difference between writing a research paper and producing a creative writing paper. What are the differences and parallels?
  • What are the distinctions between a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree?
  • The fundamental characteristics and distinctions between the US and UK educational systems.
  • Comparing doing tasks at the library vs doing them at home. Which method is the most effective?
  • The behavioral parallels and contrasts between married and single couples.
  • How do the EU (European Union) and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) compare and contrast?
  • Comparing and contrasting American and Canadian English.
  • The difference between writing an internship report and writing a research paper.
  • What are the distinctions between US institutions and colleges in the European Union?

How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

When you’ve decided on a subject, the first step is to take a piece of paper and create a list with two columns: similarities and differences. Make a note of the most significant points first. Then attempt to see the subjects from a new perspective, including your creativity.

If you are a visual learner, you might want to consider creating a Venn diagram. To construct it, draw two overlapping circles. Take notice of the similarities in the sections where they overlap. Differences should be noted in the non-overlapping portion of the circle.

Consider a simple scenario. Assume that one of the topics is an orange and the other is an apple. Oranges are a tropical fruit with a thick skin that originated in India. These qualities are unique to oranges and should be included in the non-overlapping portion of the circle. We included thin peel, originated in Turkey or Kazakhstan, and are mild to subtropical in climate in the same section on apples. Let us say that they are both fruits, can be juiced, and grow on trees in the portion that overlaps. This simple but effective example demonstrates how the same notion may be applied to a variety of different complex subjects by adding additional points of comparison and contrast.

This visual assistance format assists in organizing similarities and contrasts and makes them more perceptible. Your diagram will provide you with a visual representation of the topics you may write about.

Another effective method of brainstorming for your comparison contrast essay is to generate a list with two columns, one for each topic, and compare the identical features for each of them concurrently. This approach will simplify the process of creating your comparison contrast paper argument, since you will already have your thoughts arranged.

One error to avoid is simply noting all of the subjects’ differences or similarities. Occasionally, students get so preoccupied with identifying parallels and differences that their compare and contrast essays take on the tone of shopping lists. Your essay should be built on comparing and contrasting the two issues, examining your findings about them, and drawing connections between them—all while adhering to a precise framework.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure and Outline

Contrast and compare essays make extensive use of factual analysis. Two outline techniques might assist you in organizing your facts: draft a comparison and contrast essay outline using the block approach or the point-by-point method.

The block structure enables the presentation of all pertinent information on the initial topic, as well as the explanation of its qualities and particular specifics. This brings us to the end of a particular block. For the second topic, the second block follows the same logic as the first.

The point-by-point format simultaneously identifies each similarity and distinction—taking notice of both topics. For instance, you may begin with a trait unique to one topic and then compare or contrast it to another.

Each format has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The block style is unquestionably simpler to write, as you just summarize all of the pertinent information about the two issues and leave the comparison to the reader. The point-by-point structure forces you to assess each point independently while also making similarities and contrasts more obvious for the reader to grasp. The next section contains a full breakdown of each category.

A Compare and Contrast Essay Example /Example of a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Comparison Between the United Kingdom and China

Different nations have varying cultural customs, which impacts professional relationships and growth. Geert Hofstede devised a method for comparing the cultural aspects of various nations. The idea elucidates the influence of a community’s culture on its members’ values and the relationship between these beliefs and their behaviour. He assigns ratings to assist differentiate individuals from other countries based on the following dimensions: long-term orientation, individualism, power distance, indulgence, necessity avoidance, and masculinity. Consider parallels between two nations based on Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of Culture: the United Kingdom and China.

Power Distance

The term “power gap” refers to the degree to which those with less power accept or anticipate that power is not dispersed equitably within a certain organization or institution within a state. The dimension implies that individuals are not equal. As a result, it reflects societal views about individual inequality (Hofstede, 2011). Between the United Kingdom and China, there is a significant difference in their Power Distance levels. The United Kingdom has a score of 35, whereas China receives an 80.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the smaller the number, the better. As the poll confirms, the majority of people in the United Kingdom feel that people should be treated equally throughout society. There, it is considered that this is a desirable attribute to possess since it promotes performance; individuals, particularly those with less influence, are given the opportunity to engage actively in their enterprises — and are therefore appreciated. On the other hand, Chinese folks think that individuals in positions of power deserve extra respect and attention. While the Chinese system seems to have certain advantages, it also has significant disadvantages – most notably on a company’s performance. Employees are denied the right to free speech and participation in decision-making processes. Additionally, Chinese companies do not speak out against any sort of power abuse, since the weak are regarded to have no voice and are not expected to do tasks beyond their level.


Individualism refers to the degree to which a society and its people are interdependent. This dimension describes whether individuals operate alone or in groups. Individualist communities require members to regard just themselves and their families, not other community members. Collectivism, on the other hand, is a situation in which individuals of a society labor in consideration of and with the group’s viewpoint, regardless of whether they have a close blood link (Hofstede, 2011). They behave in a manner that demonstrates their allegiance to the organization.China gets a score of 20, indicating that its citizens are more collectivists than individualists. They operate in the group’s best interests, not just their own.’

Collectivism has a detrimental influence on promotion and recruiting, since collectivists value team members’ opinions more often, or consider them when hiring or promoting. Additionally, a Chinese employee is unlikely to have a high level of loyalty to the company. Rather than that, they place a premium on connections above assigned work, which results in their company organizations doing poorly (Greif & Tabellini, 2010). The United Kingdom, on the other hand, has an individuality score of 89. This indicates that the majority of individuals in the nation behave more in accordance with their own beliefs. Many people feel that achieving personal satisfaction is necessary for happiness. As a result, the people of this country are more focused on achieving their own individual goals, which is a positive trait in terms of job performance.


This dimension indicates whether a community is motivated by competitiveness, success, and goal attainment,or by the desire to care for other members of their society and maintain a healthy environment.

life-quality. In this situation, a high score suggests competitive behaviors, while a low score shows non-competitive behaviors.

suggests a lack of motivation. In a nutshell, this dimension is concerned with the degree to which individuals are motivated in a given situation.

socialism (Hofstede, 2011). Both the United Kingdom and China score 66 on the masculinity scale.

This demonstrates that people in both nations are driven by achievement. Citizens in both countries are

They are prepared to forego leisure and family time in order to achieve, and they are happy when they do. This is a

prevalent practice across civilizations, since it aids in the country’s rapid growth — and it

This is true in all areas. Both children and adults aspire to accomplish their best in school and at work.

Avoidance of Uncertainty

Uncertainty avoidance is a term that relates to the degree to which individuals dread the future — as the

At the moment, the future is uncertain. As a result, those who score high on the uncertainty avoidance scale rise.

with beliefs aimed at evading this anxiety. The dimension elucidates how cultures deal with the reality.

that the future is unknowable, and that they have no notion how to manage the unknown

conditions, or they have just allowed events to unfold. The United Kingdom is eligible for a 35 in

China has a score of 30 in terms of avoiding ambiguity. This indicates that the level at which the United Kingdom

Citizens’ anxiety over the uncertainty of the future is lower than in China. To some, Chinese

to some degree, minimize dangers in the present in order to ensure that the future is better than the present (Greif &

2010; Tabellini). This is comparable to the United Kingdom, which similarly prefers to create innovative technologies.

plans in response to the emergence of a problem. However, the results imply that persons in the United Kingdom

may not do as well at work as the Chinese, since they are not as meticulous planners.

Additionally, they are unable of forecasting as accurately.

Orientation Toward the Long Term

This dimension reveals if a society takes their prior experiences into account when making decisions.

present difficulties. In this situation, a low score implies a normative society that tends to

retain traditions and revert to earlier practices in order to resolve contemporary issues. In contrast,

On the other side, a high score suggests a pragmatic society that encourages the application of novel attempts.

with superior knowledge to help them overcome their present obstacles (Hofstede, 2011). China has a high level of

The United States receives an average rating of 87, while the United Kingdom receives an average rating of 51.

This means that the Chinese rely more on modern techniques to resolve their current problems.

a greater number of difficulties than the United Kingdom. Chinese laborers are likely to do well in this situation.

work because they have a greater potential to be at the forefront of emerging technologies.

than persons from the United Kingdom. to presume that British nationals are more inclined to

labor longer hours to supplement their income for amusement and to satisfy their aspirations.

Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of Culture framework aides in identifying the ways in which cultures vary. From our perspective

Regardless of the outcome of the debate, it is evident that the two nations – the United Kingdom and China – have significant

Individualism, power distance, long-term orientation, and

indulgence and the avoidance of ambiguity. Both nations rank similarly in terms of masculinity.

dimension. Citizens of both nations and cultures are success-oriented in both circumstances. These

Different dimensions illustrate the various implications on an individual’s performance and on the economy as a whole.

their country’ progress.

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