of the following is a characteristic of data from the Bureau of the Census?a. A reputation for poor qualityb. Not detailed enough for market researchc. Unavailable to the publicd. None are characteristics143. The Census of Population is an example of which type of external secondary data source?a. Trade association sourceb. Government sourcec. Books and periodicalsd. Commercial source144. Which of the following is NOT a common problem with secondary data?a. Outdated informationb. Variation in definition of termsc. Different units of measurementd. Takes too long to collect145. The Wall Street Journal is an example of which type of external secondary data source?a. Books and periodicalsb. Commercial sourcec. Trade association sourced. Media source146. Which of the following is NOT an example of data processing error?a. choosing an unrepresentative sampleb. typographical errors during data entryc. accidentally combining answers from two respondents during data entryd. inaccurate computer software147. Most survey research is __________ in nature.a. descriptiveb. causalc. exploratoryd. cross-sectional148. When an interviewer asks a respondent “What do you mean by that?

this is an example of a(n)a. probing question.b. pretest.c. CATI.d. item nonresponse.149. If we count the number of questionnaires returned in a survey