is an online shoe retail store. While most customers is an online shoe retail store. While most customers shop online at the company’s Internet site, many others call the company directly for specialized assistance with questions. After phone operators are first hired and trained they spend an average of 24 minutes talking to a customer, much of which is taken up with the new phone operators looking up answers to questions they don’t know off -hand on the company’s website. If phone operators have an 85% learning curve while learning typical responses to customer questions, how many calls will they have to experience until they can reduce their call time to 10 minutes?

Federated Electronics, Ltd., manufactures display screens and monitors for computers

Federated Electronics, Ltd., manufactures display screens and monitors for computers and televisions, which it sells to companies around the world. It wants to construct a new warehouse and center in Asia to serve emerging markets there. It has identified potential sites in the port cities of Shanghai, Singapore, Pusan, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong. The following table shows the factors in the location decision and the grade of each location for each factor.

The weights indicating the importance of each location factor are not included. Determine what you think these weights should be and recommend the best location for the new center.

Blake is an intern in the Department of Performing Arts

Blake is an intern in the Department of Performing Arts (DPA) at State University. One of his duties is to schedule end-of-term recitals for the department’s graduating seniors and to create and distribute programs for those recitals. The recitals for each student include several performance pieces and often feature classical pieces with foreign titles and composers. The students submit a request for recital online and are sent an email confirmation of their recital schedule (from Blake). With that confirmation is a reminder that the material for the program needs to be submitted by a certain time. Generally, these are emailed to Blake, who puts them in standard program format and prints, folds, and distributes them to the recital venue on the evening of the performance. The department has recently been embarrassed by mistakes in the programs, and after verifying that the source of the error is usually with the student, not Blake, the department has created a new protocol to improve the process.

Following are copies of emails about the new protocol. Create a flowchart of the old and new protocols and identify where problems or delays might occur. Do you think this new protocol will improve the quality of the programs? What would you do to improve the process?

Sent: March 1, 2017
To: DPA Faculty, Staff and Interns
From: Dr. Salvatore, Chair, DPA
To ensure that the Department is putting out the best-quality recital programs, a new protocol has been established.
New Protocol for Recital Programs
• Students submit programs to their program directors.
• Program directors edit and submit programs to Ingrid.
• Ingrid submits programs to interns.
• Interns format programs and submit to Naomi for final edits.
• Naomi submits programs to Dr. Salvatore for final approval.
• Interns print, fold, and distribute programs.
Please refer any questions to Ingrid or Naomi.

Sent: March 5, 2017
To: Ingrid and Naomi
From: Blake
I am a little confused about the sequence of the programs. Do the students send their programs to their program directors before they send it to Ingrid, or do we send it to their program directors after
we format it?

Sent: March 6, 2017
To: Blake
From: Ingrid, Head Secretary, DPA
I know this is a bit confusing so let me clarify as best as I can. When the students send me their programs, I inform them that their programs should be edited and approved by their program directors before they send it to me. I then forward it to you for proper formatting, then you send it to Naomi for editing, and then she sends it back to you for printing.

Sent: March 7, 2017
To: Blake
From: Naomi, Administrative Assistant, DPA
They send it to Ingrid, she sends it to you for formatting, and then you send it to the program director. Ingrid or I will keep you posted if there are any changes to the protocol.

Use the following instructions to construct and test a prototype

Use the following instructions to construct and test a prototype paper airplane. Are the instructions clear? How would you improve the design of the airplane or the manner in which the design is communicated?
• Begin with an 8½ in. by 11 in. sheet of paper.
• Fold the paper together lengthwise to make a center line.
• Open the paper and fold the top corners to the center line.
• Fold the two top sides to the center line.
• Fold the airplane in half.
• Fold back the wings to meet the center line.
• Hold the plane by the center line and let it fly.

In the ongoing national debate about healthcare that is likely

In the ongoing national debate about healthcare that is likely to continue for years, one view holds that quality improvement (and corresponding cost reduction) across the industry is fundamentally not possible because the direct consumer (i.e., the patient) is not who pays the bill; for most people the insurance company is. Since insurance companies do not directly receive the service provided, they cannot assess how well “value” is being delivered, and neither the customer nor the insurance company are motivated to reduce costs. Discuss this phenomenon of the healthcare industry and make a case for why you think it is accurate or inaccurate. Also address in your discussion how healthcare insurance differs from other forms of personal insurance.

Amy and Matt are getting married in their hometown the

Amy and Matt are getting married in their hometown the same weekend as the Battle of Bristol, the largest college football game ever played. That’s good news for the couple, but bad news for the Inn where the wedding is scheduled. A block of 50 of the hotel’s 100 rooms have been reserved for wedding guests on Saturday night at a reduced wedding package rate of $95 a room. If those rooms had been available for football fans, both Friday and Saturday nights would have been booked for $300 a night. The Inn’s manager is feeling the heat to overbook the hotel, given that wedding guests are known to cancel at the last minute, and football fans book rooms  well in advance. Bianca, the event coordinator, has provided data on the number of no-shows or canceled rooms from past weddings at the Inn. She cautions that while overbooking is a sound business practice and would yield lucrative income for that particular weekend, if word gets around that blocked rooms are not really blocked, the future of their wedding business would be in jeopardy. Use the data below to recommend an overbooking strategy for the Inn. Since fans would be looking for a 2-night package for the game, assume that the unavailability of a Saturday night room would result in lost revenue from an unsold Friday night room as well. Further assume that guests who are bumped will be moved to an expensive resort nearby for $450/night, paid for by the Inn.
NO-SHOWS                         FREQUENCY
0 …………………………………………    1
1 …………………………………………     2
2 …………………………………………    3
3 …………………………………………    4