Select a site in your city that is in a

Select a site in your city that is in a mixed use or non-residential area, and either is vacant or appears to be ready for change (e.g., structure partially used or vacant, or in need of refurbishing). Go the site during the morning commuting period, on a business day. Situate yourself at or near the site and observe the activity at and around the site. Pay particular attention to why people pass the site-where they are coming from and where they are going. Note any nearby land uses or pedestrian flows that could potentially involve the site. Then explore the area around the site for a block or so in each direction, and record on a simple map the main patterns of traffic flow, and the broad variations in the land uses. Finally, after at least one observation session of 30 minutes, record your main impressions, and any thoughts you have concerning the potential use of the site.