b. licensure problems. e. failure to prevent a client’s suicide. d. inappropriate sexual behavior. 21. All university-based clinical psychology programs a. utilize a scientist-practitioner model. b. have essentially the same emphasis. e. provide training in research as well as clinical skills. d. all of the above 22. Clinical researchers a. can find careers in a variety of mental health settings. b. often offer supervision and training of clinical work. c. can shift between clinical work and research if they keep up their clinical credentials. d. all of the above 172 aa. PSY 560 Clinical Psychology 23. Free-standing professional schools of psychology that offer the PsyD degree a. place less emphasis on research training than university-based programs. b. tend to be less expensive than university-based programs. c. have higher admissions standards than university based programs. d. often have quite small class sizes to facilitate clinical training. 24. Which program offers financial help to research-oriented clinical students? a. National Institutes of Health Loan Repayment Program b. National Institute of Mental Health Loan Forgiveness Program c. National Health Service Corps d. all of the above 25. According to the text

which of the following is NOT a characteristic of gradu- ate training in clinical psychology that applicants should take into account? a. Once admitted