Department of Procurement in Kuvuku Land has to decide which

Department of Procurement in Kuvuku Land has to decide which of the four bidding companies is to be awarded the correctional services’ IT upgrade tender. The directors believe that the tender will assist the correctional services centres with updating and expanding the centers’ IT capacities in line with modern innovations like electronic fingerprinting, electronic monitoring for parolees, and even to allow centers to use IT to let victims know more about parole hearings.

The tender will be awarded to the bidding company that meets the price requirement and not the functionality as well as administrative requirements as previously done. However the directors agreed that the functionality and the administrative requirements will be considered when there are parties, during the evaluation phase, that might raise concerns relating to these requirements.

There is a 40% chance that the bidder will reasonably comply with some Sections of the Constitution of Kuvuku Land, a 10% chance the bidder will comply fully with some Sections of the Constitution of Kuvuku Land and a 50% chance that the bidder will not comply with some Sections of the Constitution of Kuvuku Land.

The company uses expected value to make this type of decision

The department provided the following information:

Bidder’s law compliance Company A Company B Company C Company D
R’000 R’000 R’000 R’000
Reasonably comply 5000 4800 5500 6000
Comply fully 4600 4700 3500 3000
Not comply 4300 4600 4000 5000

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