Determine the total taxable earnings for unemployment, Social Security, and Medicare.

The information on earnings and deductions for the pay period ended December 14 from King Company’s payroll records is as follows:

Name Gross Pay Earnings
Burgess, J. L. $410     $6,750    
Clayton, M. E. 785     40,200    
Drugden, T. F. 860     38,500    
Lui, L. W. 990     39,700    
Sparks, C. R. 4,094     115,700    
Stevers, D. H. 850     6,810    

For each employee, the Social Security tax is 6.2 percent of the first $118,500 and the employer’s Social Security tax is 6.2 percent on the same earnings limit. The Medicare tax is 1.45 percent on all earnings. The federal unemployment tax rate is 0.6 percent of the first $7,000 of earnings of each employee. The state unemployment tax rate is 5.4 percent of the same base.


Determine the total taxable earnings for unemployment, Social Security, and Medicare. If an amount is zero, enter “0”.




Burgess, J. L. fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_1 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_2 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_3 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_4 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_5 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_6
Clayton, M. E. fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_7 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_8 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_9 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_10 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_11 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_12
Drugden, T. F. fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_13 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_14 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_15 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_16 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_17 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_18
Lui, L. W. fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_19 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_20 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_21 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_22 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_23 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_24
Sparks, C. R. fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_25 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_26 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_27 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_28 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_29 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_30
Stevers, D. H. fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_31 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_32 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_33 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_34 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_35 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_36
Total fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_37 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_38 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_39 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_40 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_41 fill in the blank c0561bfc801c06b_42
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