Due to the high prices of petrol, Afrojack decides to

Due to the high prices of petrol, Afrojack decides to sell his limited edition Range Rover Sport, and is considering buying a smaller vehicle. Afrojack places an advertisement in his car window on 1st April stating:

‘Range Rover Sport (Limited Edition) in excellent condition for sale! One owner RM995,000 or nearest offer. Please contact Afrojack on 011-11111 (evening) or 0383125694 (during office hours 9am-5pm).’

Martin Garrix (Afrojack’s neighbour) on seeing the advertisement earlier that day, decides to contact Afrojack that evening, and arranges to inspect the vehicle. After inspecting the vehicle, Martin Garrix states that he will contact him, if he’s still interested.

On 3rd April, Alison calls Afrojack’s mobile number after inspecting the vehicle (the previous day), and offers RM992,500. Afrojack is delighted and says ‘how about RM993,500?’ Alison states that she will need to discuss this with her mother and Afrojack tells him to call back at 6pm.

Alison contacts Afrojack on his mobile phone at 7.30pm; however the phone is switched off. As there is no facility to leave a message, Alison tries his work number the following day, however Afrojack is at a conference and thus she leaves a message on his answering machine, stating that she definitely wants the Range Rover for RM993,500. Afrojack doesn’t return to his desk until late that afternoon and fails to listen to his answering machine that day. Alison then tries his mobile in the evening but it’s still switched off.

Armin, a dedicated car dealer, contacts Afrojack the next day (4th April), on his mobile phone, stating that he’s really interested in the vehicle, and arranges to meet Afrojack during his lunch break to inspect the vehicle. Afrojack meets Armin, and accepts an offer of RM996,000 from Armin.

Afrojack is delighted with the sale and decides to purchase a pair of latest Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit shoe. When he enters the shop, he sees a price tag by a pair of Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit shoe for RM599. He is overexcited with the price and takes the shoe to the cashier to make the payment. When he gets to the counter, the cashier scans the barcode on the box and informs Afrojack that shoes are RM799. Afrojack refuses to pay RM799, and demands he should have the shoes for RM599. Martin Garrix and Alison contact Afrojack the next day (5th April) demanding the vehicle for the advertised price.

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