Each group has been given a process narrative related to

Each group has been given a process narrative related to the Sales/Collection or Acquisition/Payables cycle at SP Manufacturing. Your assignment is to document the process narrative in flowcharts. Each narrative details 2 processes; each of which requires its own separate and distinct process flowchart (i.e. you will complete 2 flowcharts). Based on your understanding of the business cycle, you will create a summary slide for each flowchart summarizing the components of the AIS described within the process. Specifically, you will detail the inputs, outputs, internal controls, storage, and processes (i.e. which steps the narratives relate to for the Sales/Collection or Acquisition/Payments cycle) for each flowchart. While you are not documenting the entire process (i.e. all of the generalized steps associated with the cycle), each narrative contains a gap. You are to identify which step is missing and, in a separate slide, detail the risks of not performing that step and what processes should be implemented by the company to address the gap. For example, you may have been given steps 5 and 7 of the Sales/Collection process – meaning that step 6 is missing. Outlook 2 flowcharts – 2 AIS summary slides (one for each flowchart) – A slide (or 2) detailing the missing step, risks associated with not performing that step, and related processes the company could implement to address criteria Flowcharts should follow the general rules outlined in Chapter 6: – The process should flow from left to right and top to bottom – Each flowchart should only have 1 starting point – Groups should appropriately map process narrative elements to symbols – Each flowchart should have a title – Each process box should be numbered – Clean formatting (evenly sized and spaced symbols, white space, spelling, etc.) Sales/Collections Process Narrative Customer purchase orders (POs) are received via email only. Each morning, the Customer Sales Representative will review new orders within Outlook and manually enter the product information (including quantity and price) within the JDE database. Once populated, an independent CSR (not the individual who input the order information initially) will review the order for completeness and accuracy – comparing the input pricing to the Master Price List and the product information (including quantity) to the customer PO. If approved, the order is released. If discrepancies are noted, the order is returned to the orginator (initial CSR) who will update the order as needed until approved by the reviewing (independent) CSR. Once an order is released in JDE, a sales order is sent to the customer. Based on the approved order, JDE will automatically generate a picking list and notify the Warehouse department. Using the picking list, a warehouse employee will fulfill the order – selecting the required items from the warehouse and loading. If there are items that are unavailable, the warehouse employee will update within JDE to note which items cannot be fulfilled at this time. All amended picking lists require review and approval by a Warehouse Manager. Once finalized, the picking list and related products are sent to the Shipping department. Answer Skip

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