Heather and Nikolay Laubert are married and file a joint

Heather and Nikolay Laubert are married and file a joint income tax return. Their address is 3847 Jackdaw Path, Madison, WI 58493. Nikolay’s Social Security number is 000-00-1111, and Heather’s is 000-00-2222. Nikolay is a mechanical engineer, and Heather is a highly renowned speech therapist. She is self-employed. They report all their income and expenses on the cash method. For 2017, they report the following items of income and expense:

Heather and Nikolay sold the following assets:

Heather owned the KLN stock and sold it to her brother, Jacob. Heather and Nikolay used the motorcycle for personal recreation.

In addition to the items above, they donate Miner stock to their community church. The FMV of the stock on the date it is donated (8/18/17) is $6,200. It cost $2,700 when purchased on 3/12/98. Heather and Nikolay’s home is burglarized during the year. The burglar stole an entertainment system (FMV $3,500; cost $5,000), an antique diamond ring and pendant (FMV $12,000; cost $10,000), and a painting (FMV $1,500; cost $1,300). The insurance company pays $1,500 for the entertainment system, $4,000 for the jewelry, and $500 for the painting. Complete Heather and Nikolay’s Form 1040, Schedules A, C, D, and SE, Form 4684, and Form 8283. For purposes of this problem, disregard the alternative minimum tax and any credits.

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