Part A You need to consider that you are working

Part A

You need to consider that you are working in a team with two to four people (minimum three including yourself). Your task is to identify, establish and document your team’ s purpose, roles, responsibilities, goals, and objectives. You must provide details of how the plan will be monitored. Your plan must be aligned with organisational goals and objectives.

You are required to:

  • Identify a goal with your designated team to meet that goal and create a plan to achieve expected team outcomes. The mechanism that will underpin the team development will be a project. In the workplace, teams commonly form around projects, complete the outcomes, and then adjourn. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful project is often team effectiveness.
  • Refer to the case study in Appendix 1 to work on with your nominated team.


  • Organise your team: You will need to choose two (2) or more team members to assist you and you will need to inform them of what to expect through their involvement.
  • Establish, document, and agree on the team’s purpose and what the team needs and wants to achieve.
  • Agree, share, and communicate roles and responsibilities within your team.
  • Devise a project plan: Conduct a meeting to develop a plan with your team (take minutes of this session) including the following elements:
  • Project performance plan – includes goals and objectives, deliverables, risk assessment plan and communications and reporting plan. (Use Appendix 2). Decide with your team how you will monitor and review your plan during the project. You must decide when you will meet to review your team’s progress and what kinds of progress reports will be generated. This information should be recorded in the communications and reporting plans.
  • Tasks and resources required – you must agree with your team on the tasks that must be carried out, the resources that will be necessary and which tasks may be considered milestones. You may use any of the following templates to aid this process: “task list”, “Gantt chart”, and “milestone chart”. (Use Appendices 3, 4 and 5).
  • Team and personal work schedules – who will do the tasks and when they need to be completed. (Use Appendix 6). Inform your team members that they can also create their own personal work schedules. (Use Appendix 7).
  • Skills matrix – for your team identify training needs (Use Appendix 8).
  • Training planner – for each of your team members to plan training where necessary. (Use Appendix 9).

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