Part B You must be able to provide effective leadership

Part B

You must be able to provide effective leadership for a team and facilitate a work team during the implementation of a team project including decision-making, resolving issues and developing team cohesion. You will need to collaborate with your team; however, you must complete each of the tasks for this assessment as individuals. This is not a team/joint assessment.

You must support team members to achieve team goals and objectives, encourage team members to take responsibility for their own work, provide feedback to team members and ensure your own contribution to the team serves as a role model.

You must also communicate information and team issues to management, ensuring follow-up action is taken.

You must hold a progress meeting and a post project review meeting with your team.

You need to implement your team’s plan as documented in Part A and support your team to achieve expected outcomes.

You are required to hold project review meeting with your team and hold a post project review meeting with the team in which you celebrate successes, identify opportunities for improvement and disband.

You are to deliver a post-project review report to management following the completion of the project as well as team effectiveness surveys and a brief reflection reviewing your success as a team leader and that of your team.

You are required to report on any issues, conflicts, or problems the team is encountering during the progress meeting (Appendix 12). You will be asked to explain how you resolved these issues.



During project implementation, you must complete the tasks in your plan.

You are required to:

  • Hold two (2) team meetings (progress and post project review) and take minutes (Use Appendices 10 & 11). During these meetings you must review your team’s performance and give your team members feedback on their performance.
  • Establish a reward and recognition system for the project which applies for all team members.
  • Plan a training session with your team to address issues identified in their training planners and develop a procedure to assist others undertaking required roles. Record details of the training session in your minutes.
  • Record issues and corrective action taken in a Project Issues log (Use Appendix 12).
  • Based on your team’s feedback on performance, raise your concerns and communicate to your team to ensure necessary action is taken.
  • You should communicate to management any unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by the team, preferably during a team meeting and take minutes documenting this communication. (Use Appendix 13).




you can choose your friends, family members, other students, or work colleagues to form such a team of which you are a member to complete this assignment. (You MUST video record and upload into Canvas the role play consisting of the two (2) meetings conducted in ‘Part B Q a’).

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