Popular Media Case Research Our culture’s hero worship of successful athletes allows us to learn int

Popular Media
Case Research

Our culture’s
hero worship of successful athletes allows us to learn intimate details about
individuals whose lives would otherwise be fairly private However, accepting
the status and fame often accompanying performance success has become part of
what is expected of these highly visible members of our society

Occasionally, our
glimpses into their personal lives or professional roles offer opportunities
for us to observe psychological, emotional, or behavioral indicators suggestive
of a mental illness

For this
assignment, complete the following tasks:

Identify an
athlete who is portrayed in the popular media (on a television series, news
program, sporting event, or movie) and is someone you believe may be suffering
from a psychological disorder You may have observed signs of a
performance-altering condition or behavioral impairment

Next, describe
the athlete you’ve selected Use the intake assessment form you produced in M2:
Assignment 2 and fill the form as if you were interviewing the athlete Include
all relevant information you are aware of, and feel free to extrapolate
additional details as necessary Be sure to include any symptoms you observe
and complete as much of the athlete’s history as you can

After you’ve
completed the intake assessment form, identify a minimum of two diagnostic
possibilities you would consider as potentially present in the athlete
Describe the assessments you might use if you were to be evaluating this
athlete as a sport psychologist

Complete your
intake assessment form and diagnostic possibilities in two to

three pages and
present it in Microsoft Word document format Name the file
SP6005_M4_A2_lastname_firstinitialdoc By the due date assigned, submit it to
the Discussion Area

Through the end
of the module, use the Discussion Area to review intake assessment forms and
diagnostic possibilities submitted by at least two of your classmates Offer
your own assessments of their submissions Provide balanced feedback,
describing the strengths and weaknesses of each diagnosis Make suggestions for
improvements so your peers can develop and refine their work

All written
assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources

CriteriaMaximum PointsQuality of initial posting, including fulfillment of
assignment instructions16Quality of responses to classmates12Frequency of
responses to classmates4Reference to supporting readings and other
materials4Language and grammar4Total:40