Population and Health No more than 3500 words, plus graphs, tables and references. Task – The aim of

Population and Health

No more than 3500 words,
plus graphs, tables and references.

The aim of this
mini-project is for you to prepare a report to the Minister for Health in a
country of your choice relating to a linked health risk and outcome in their
country. You should select at least one health risk and one health outcome
which are in the top 10 of the recent Global Burden of Disease study for the
region that your country is from, or for a particular age group. The risk
factors and outcome must be linked, such as high BMI (risk factor) and ischemic
heart disease (outcome). You may select a reproductive health outcome if you

You should include a
one page summary at the start of the report (which is the sheet that will be
read by the Minister – the rest is likely to be read by the advisors, who will
want references and academic writing). This one page summary does NOT count
towards the 3500 words.
should include a range of aspects, including:

– Levels
of the risk factor and outcome in the country, if known. If not known then a
discussion of the importance is required;

Inequalities in risk or outcome between population groups;
– Current
health systems responses and health coverage (i.e. how many of those who are
needing treatment are actually getting it and what is being done in the country
to improve health);
– Quality
of the data you are using as evidence;
– How the
risk and outcome links in with the risk transition, the epidemiological
transition and the nutrition transition, if appropriate;
– Links to
the environment (both causes and effects);
– Any
health campaigns which have been implemented to improve health or reduce the
risk factor(s);
– Recommendations for improving
health with reference to the outcome you have chosen.

The country you choose can be
from anywhere in the world, but there must be evidence available for you to
use. You can focus on a particular group of individuals for this – you do not
need to focus on the whole life course.


– The aim
of this report is to be an evidence based examination of risk and outcome. Therefore you need evidence! This may
take different forms. If you choose a DHS country for instance there is not
much information about health outcomes (although there is about reproductive
health outcomes). If you can’t find information about the specific country, but
can for the region it is from, then you can use this;
– You can
select a communicable, non-communicable or injury/accident health outcome;
– If you
wanted to compare two countries, highlighting to the minister what has been
done elsewhere to improve health and what they can learn from each other then I
am open to this;
– You will
have to bring in international comparisons – showing how well the country is doing
or poorly it is coping with a specific health issue;
– Really I am expecting you to
get under the skin of risk and outcome in a specific country, with the marking
based on the strength of the argument and the breadth of the areas