Prior to HTML 5, sections were identified with: the section element and the name attribute the div element and the id attribute the article element and the section attribute the aside element and the id attribute

  1. Prior to HTML 5, sections were identified with:

    1. the section element and the name attribute

    2. the div element and the id attribute

    3. the article element and the section attribute

    4. the aside element and the id attribute

  2. To mark content that is related to the main article, use

    1. the sidebar element

    2. the extraContent element

    3. the aside element

    4. the section element

  3. Which of the following marks the content as emphasized text?

    1. <i>Daily Special</i>

    2. <em>Daily Special</em>

    3. <strong>Daily Special</strong>

    4. <b>Daily Special</b>

  4. Which of the following should be used to mark the text string “H2⁢SO4”?

    1. H<lower>2</lower>SO<lower>4</lower>

    2. H<sup>2</sup>SO<sup>4</sup>

    3. H<code>2</code>SO<code>4</code>

    4. H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>

  5. Which of the following links the HTML file to the CSS style sheet file, mystyles.css?

    1. <stylesheet rel=link”>mystyles.css</mystyles>

    2. <stylesheet src=“mystyles.css” />

    3. <link rel=“stylesheet”>mystyles.css</link>

    4. <link href=“mystyles.css” rel=“stylesheet” />

  6. Which of the following tags might be used to indicate a change of topic within a section?

    1. <hr />

    2. <br />

    3. <aside />

    4. <img />

  7. Which character reference is used to insert a nonbreaking space within a text string?

    1. &space;

    2. &nbsp;

    3. &ws;

    4. &copy;

  8. Which of the following tags inserts an inline image with the alternative text “Art World”?

    1. <image src=“awlogo.png” alt=“Art World” />

    2. <img src=“awlogo.png”>Art World</img>

    3. <figure src=“awlogo.png” alt=“Art World” />

    4. <img src=“awlogo.png” alt=“Art World” />

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