Process Flow AnalysisIndividual QuestionSuppose that Columbia Business School is considering offer

Process Flow AnalysisIndividual AssignmentSuppose that Columbia Business School is considering offering its students the opportunity to get a flu vaccine (flu shot). The school is considering setting up the operation for just one day during the lunch hour.For a preliminary analysis, consider the following simplified description of the proposed operation: a total of 600 students will arrive at Lerner Hall during the 12:00 Noon to 1:00PM lunch hour. The students will arrive uniformly over time with no variability. No students will show up either before or after the lunch hour. Since 20% of the students have never had a flu shot, they first must go to a nurse practitioner for a quick review of their medical history. After this review, they then join a line waiting for vaccination by a doctor. The remaining 80% go straight to the line waiting for vaccination. (It is assumed that all the students will receive the vaccine.)There are 3 nurse practitioners available to review medical histories. Each nurse practitioner can review a student’s medical history in 2 minutes. There are 4 doctors giving the vaccinations. It takes only 30 seconds for a doctor to vaccinate a student.(a) Draw a diagram representing the situation, indicating capacities and flows. (b) What is the maximum build-up of students at the nurse-practitioner review? (c) What is the maximum wait at the nurse-practitioner review?(d) At what time does the line at the review empty? (e) At what time will the vaccination line be empty?