Provide a report for a project about Culvert in general,

Provide a report for a project about Culvert in general, the report should include the following information ( assume the number reasonably)

1-what are the demands for culvert

2-make a cost Flow

3-Job costing

  1. Identify the Job that is the Chosen Cost Object
  2. Identify the Direct Costs of the Job
  3. Select the Cost-Allocation base(s) to use for allocating Indirect Costs to the Job
  4. Match Indirect Costs to their respective Cost-Allocation base(s)
  1. Calculate an Overhead Allocation Rate:
    • Actual OH Costs ÷ Actual OH Allocation Base
  1. Allocate Overhead Costs to the Job:
    • OH Allocation Rate × Actual Base Activity For the Job.
  1. Compute Total Job Costs by adding all direct and indirect costs together

4-Find the activity-based costing for culvert

  • Identify and classify the activities involved in the manufacture of specific products, and allocate overhead to cost pools.
  • Identify the cost driver that has a strong correlation to the costs accumulated in the cost pool.
  • Compute the activity-based overhead rate for each cost driver.
  • Assign overhead costs to products, using the overhead rates determined for each cost pool (cost per driver).

5-then Find the breakeven analysis point for culvert

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