PSY 103 – ECE 103 – Progressive Reflective Autobiography/BiographyCompleted final product DUE:Sectio

PSY 103 – ECE 103 – Progressive Reflective Autobiography/BiographyCompleted final product DUE:Section due dates1. Intro -Prenatal- Birth_______2. Infant______3. Toddler_______4. Early Childhood_______5. Middle Childhood_______*7. Young Adult/Adult*_______ Work on this section needs to begin here as we will not be doing Young- Adult/Adult in classThis is due in final project6. Adolescence -will be due in the final projectThis assignment is a compilation of your own development from PreNatal to the Present. As you learn andreflect on your own development through your lifetime include typical developmental milestones (see textand milestone charts) and development through domains; psychosocial (emotional and social) language,cognitive and physical.If you can not do or do not wish to do part(s) of your own development then you must choose someone else’sdevelopment to insert. EX: You do not know about your own prenatal development or birth then you canchoose to do someone’s prenatal development and birth that you do know. You just add this explanation intothe introduction. You can also choose to pick a sibling, relative or a friend’s child or your own child.1. Introduce Yourself.2. Prenatal –Birth – include any information you may know or have heard about your pre-natal life (birth mother’sdiscussions or remembrances- was she healthy, did she engage in different behavior while or after pregnancy -EX.Didn’t drink alcohol, stopped smoking, suffered from post-partum depression etc.) Then discuss: when, where youwere born. How big were you- what did you weigh- is this average or typical? Include any other things about yourentrance into the world? Sibling attitudes, parent attitudes, etc?3. Infancy- where did you live? Were you bottle-fed or nursed? Does anyone know when you achieved particularinfant milestones? Did you wear cloth or disposable diapers? When you changed to solid food, did you eat homemade or store made food? Did you have any attachments to certain people? Did you have stranger anxiety orseparation anxiety? When did you meet any particular developmental milestones in Infancy?4. Toddlerhood-Who took care of you in Toddlerhood? Did you go to child care, a babysitter? When did you walk,talk? First words were-what? When did you say them? What was your temperament like? When did you meet anyparticular developmental milestones in Toddlerhood?5. Early Childhood- what are your first memories of school? Discuss your school career as much as you canremember- did you go to preschool- where? who was your teacher etc. When did you meet any particulardevelopmental milestones in Early Childhood?6. Middle Childhood- Continue your thoughts of now- elementary school. Who were your friends or your firstfriend? What was the school like? Favorite subjects or teachers? How did you like or dislike the school? Were youengaged in any after school activities or hobbies-sports, girl/boy scouts, dance, taikwondo etc. When did you meetany particular developmental milestones in Middle Childhood?7. Adolescence-How were your adolescent years? How was high school? What were the things you liked aboutthis time of your life or did not like? What do you remember about this time- family life, girl/boyfriends, groups offriends, peer pressure, rebellion etc.? Did you have any peer issues- many friends, few friends, bullying and/orvictim of? When did you “end adolescence” and begin puberty? Do you remember how you felt about this? Whendid you meet any particular developmental milestones in Adolescence?8. Conclusion: Young Adulthood/Adulthood/present Discuss where you are now in your life. What are your adultgoals and aspirations- what are your plan(s) to achieve these milestones in your adult life?In order to enhance this assignment feel free to add photos or specific personal stories throughout!