PSY275 Week Four QuizDirections: Please clearly indicate your choice for each of the following…

PSY275 Week Four QuizDirections: Please clearly indicate your choice for each of the following questions. Post your quiz to the Assignments Section for grading1. Which
of the following is not a known cause of childhood anxiety?a. Overprotective parentsb. Parents avoid or reject the childc. Parental anxietyd. Too many friends2. Which
of the following is the most common treatment for childhood anxiety disorders?a. Gestalt Therapyb. Cognitive Behavioral Therapyc. Existential Therapyd. Family Systems Therapy3. Which
of the following is not a documented potential cause of conduct disorder?a. Geneticsb. Povertyc. Inadequate parentingd. Depressed mood4. It
has been proposed that ADHD is caused by _________.a. Dopamine abnormalities in the brainb. Maternal substance abusec. Ritalind. Anxiety5. Which
of the following is a concern with the medications that are currently used to
treat ADHD?a. They are not effective.b. The findings of drug effectiveness studies may not be applicable to some minority groups.c. Not enough children are being medicated.d. They lead to a stigma for the child.6. Which
of the following is a symptom for Autism Spectrum Disorder?a. Deficits in social communication and interaction.b. Easily develop and maintain relationships.c. Poor attention to tasks.d. Impulsivity.7. When
treating Autism Spectrum Disorder, clinicians may choose to combine
_____________ with behavioral therapies and different methods of training.a. A specific diet planb. An exercise regimenc. Play therapyd. Psychotropic medications and specific vitamins8. Which
of the following is not considered to be a behavioral symptom of oppositional
defiant disorder?a. Argumentativeb. Defiantc. Irritabled. Impulsive9. Oppositional
defiant disorder is ________common in boys than girls before puberty.a. Moreb. Lessc. Just asd. Twice as10. Previous
research has stated that there was a relationship between vaccines and the
development of autism spectrum disorder. Recent research has now found that
________________.a. The original study was correct and the MMR vaccine causes autism.b. The original study was methodologically flawed and failed to demonstrate any relationship between the two.c. The original study was referring to multiple vaccines.d. The original study has been supported by later research.Week Four Quiz – PSY 275