Psychology Homework 1 Describe the physical process of heredity Give an example of how heredity and

Psychology Homework


1 Describe the physical process of heredity Give an example of how heredity and environment interact

2 Define temperament and gives examples of temperament in infants How similar or different in temperament would identical twins be compared to fraternal twins How do you explain these differences or similarity? Does this make you think people are born ‘blank slates’ or are ‘products of their environment’?

3 Considering the effects of experience on brain development, do you think children in wealthy families would be smarter than children in poor families? Why or why not?

4 Describe each of the four stages in Piaget’s theory Give examples of the following and indicate the stage when each occurs: object permanence, egocentrism, conservation, abstract reasoning What are some of the problems with Piaget’s theory?

5 What did Harlow’s studies show was the basis of attachment? Describe secure and insecure infant attachment (refer to the ‘strange situation’), and the type of parenting that produces each type of attachment How would temperament and parenting style interact to affect attachment? What affect does secure or insecure attachment in infancy have in adulthood?

6 Give examples from personal experience of each of the three parenting styles Describe the presumed effects of these styles on adult functioning What factors moderate the impact of parenting on development ?

7 Applying Kohlberg’s theory, describe how would someone at each level of moral development reason about why it is wrong to steal, or right to steal

8 Describe the effects of aging on life satisfaction Explain how these effects show developments marked by stability or change

*9 Give an example of a typical conflict at each of the first five stages of Erikson’s theory based on personal experience or observations of others For one of these conflicts, describe how parents with each parenting style would interact with the child in conflict What is the likely resolution of this conflict for children of parents with each of the three styles in terms of Erikson’s theory (eg, trust vs mistrust, industry vs inferiority, etc)?