Psychology This activity provides you with a base understanding of the different cognitive and behav


This activity
provides you with a base understanding of the different cognitive and
behavioral symptoms that are characteristic to all criminal psychopaths though
the kind and severity of symptoms of criminal psychopathy vary with the
individual You should look at the various cognitive and behavioral symptoms as
a spectrum of colors where one blends into the other Individual criminal psychopaths
may have more of one symptom and less of another, but it varies and is often
unique to the individual


You are tasked to
watch a short video clip about psychopathy by forensic psychiatrist, Michael
Stone, MD Also, view the Bundy video After viewing the clips, please answer
the following questions

In what ways did
the experiences in childhood nurture the seeds of psychopathic behavior and
mindsets in adolescence and subsequent adulthood?

Identify and
describe in detail the cognitive and behavioral symptoms that characterize a
psychopathic personality, and explain why you think that these individuals
would be particularly difficult to successfully treat in a clinical setting

Indicate in what
ways criminal psychopaths differ from non-criminal psychopaths and how are
non-criminal psychopaths detected in society Please support your answers with
the text and literature

Video Clips with
Dr Michael Stone

View the

The Scale of
Evil: Dr Michael Stone https://

Ted Bundy,
Interview by Dr James Dobson in 1989 Before Execution




Please post your
response in the Forum by midnight (MT) Wednesday Make sure that you justify
and support your response Also, please post a response to at least two other
student answers by midnight (MT) Sunday Please refer to the syllabus for
points associated with this activity

Question: Insanity Defense Rules and Standards


This activity
will familiarize you with the various rules and standards of the insanity
defense When a mentally disordered offender is arrested, it must be determined
if he is competent to stand trial If it is determined that the offender is
competent to stand trial, she is held responsible for any crimes that she may
have committed You will see that the concepts of criminal responsibility and
“not guilty by reason of insanity” can be complex issues, not only for mental
health professionals, but also for the courts


You are tasked to
identify and describe in detail the historical evolution of the legal standards
for insanity in the United States Explain why the Tarasoff case had a national
impact on the practice of law and mental health treatment How do you see the insanity
defense evolving further in the future? Use literature and examples to support
your position