Q : Which two among this listing do you believe most prompt you to make a purchase and why?Affective

Q : Which two among this listing do you believe most prompt you to make a purchase and why?Affective componentThe entertainment ad that has been selected is that of Oasis Entertainment which was marketing various entrainment activities that is offering. It changes the moods and feelings of a person who is reading the ad. For instance, on the cover page of there are pictures of men and women who have dressed up for partying. Partying is associated with happiness and joy because people would party and have a blast forgetting there stress. It changes the attitude of an individual who had a negative attitude based on the day activities to a positive one because people like partying which makes them enjoy.Cognitive The advertisement plays a role in the cognitive development and perception of the things being advertised. In the above entertainment ad, the perception of people’s perception of having fun. The ad is a printed one therefore there is repetition immediately when one opens the site on the internet. One would change the perception of fun because on the ad partying is not just dancing but also karaoke. Also, it plays a role in the changing of various elements such as attitudes, beliefs and behavioral action. People will change their problem solving decisions by involving their positive attitude. An advertisement that follows attitude components such as Apple leads to changes in the attitudes of consumers because of persuasion which creates an emotional experience. Behavioral Advertisements can also change behavior attitudes of individual users of the ad. In the Oasis Entertainment the behavior of consumer will change from their dressing code. The users will try to dress the way the pictures have been explicated so that the individuals can feel part of the entertainment when they visit the place. Also, because there is a contact number consumers will only open the internet get the ad and call the contact person to hire the services it offers to the users. Also, because it is easily accessed because many people can access the site and order for the services.