Q1: Causation in fact, or actual cause, exists if an injury would not have occurred without the defe

Q1: Causation in fact, or actual cause, exists if an injury would not have occurred without the defendant’s act

True or False

Q2: Katy and Jake’s child suffers from lead poisoning after inhaling old dust from chips of lead paint in their apartment Katy and Jake may

a) Sue all lead paint manufacturers who manufactured paint from the date the house was built until lead paint was discontinued under the doctrine of market share liability

b) Sue only the lead paint company that they can prove manufactured the paint which injured their child

c) Sue the lead paint manufacturers with the deepest pockets under the doctrine of market share liability

d) Sue any lead paint manufacturer that they can show contributed to the lead paint under the doctrine of contributory negligence

Q3: Betty backs out of her parking space and collides with Mickey’s car Mickey may recover $7,500 to cover the cost of repairs if Betty failed to act as

a) A faultless person

b) A blameless person

c) A reliable person

d) A reasonable person

Q4: Paul is driving down Division Street when he slams on the brakes to stop for a red light he noticed just too late His short stop spooks a cyclist who is pedaling through the intersection causing her to swerve Another car swerves to avoid hitting her and runs off the road into a light pole, knocking it over, and the pole falls into a parking lot, where John is waiting in an idling car John quickly backs up to avoid having the light land on his car and backs into Carol, a pedestrian Carol sues Paul for negligence Carol will

a) Win, because Paul breached his duty of care

b) Win, because Paul was the ultimate cause of her injury

c) Lose, because Paul was not the proximate cause of the accident

d) Lose, because Paul was driving like a reasonably prudent person

Q5: Garet, a produce distributor, follows Linda, his competitor, into a store and eavesdrops on Linda’s negotiation with the store manager After Linda and the manager strike a deal, Garet approaches the manager and undercuts Linda’s deal Garet is most likely liable for

a) Breach of contract

b) Product disparagement

c) Tortious interference

d) Conversion