Question 1 of 20 Great Britainâ??s Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the best-known antiterrorist

Question 1 of 20

Great Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the best-known antiterrorist special force units Every member is trained to be proficient in battlefield medicine, the use of state-of-the-art communication equipment, and:

A explosives and foreign languages

B special weapons and urban assaults

C explosives and special weapons

D foreign languages and urban assaults

Question 2 of 20

Israel has been combating terrorism longer than any other country What is the three pronged mission of Israel’s Sayeret Mat’ kal?

A Wartime, peacetime, and antiterrorist

B Offensive, defensive, and punitive

C Offensive, defensive, and antiterrorist

D Defensive, punitive, and antiterrorist

Question 3 of 20

The Israeli Border Guard Forces’ primary responsibility is to protect:

A the borders of Israel

B Israel’s seaports

C Israel’s biggest cities

D Israel’s schools

Question 4 of 20

France’s GIGN has become one of the world’s busiest counterterrorist units Each member is recruited from the:

A French foreign legion

B top 100 graduates at the police academy

C national police force

D French army, navy, and paramilitary forces

Question 5 of 20

In the US, the Army, Navy, and Air Force all have their own counterterrorism forces Why doesn’t the US create a single, effective unit to combat terrorism?

A Lack of government funding and public support

B Lack of intelligence collecting and sharing procedures

C Lack of public and military support

D Lack of senior military support and political will

Question 6 of 20

The Transportation Safety Institute is funded by the FAA and recently expanded its programs to include training of:

A local law enforcement and airport personnel

B FAA inspectors and special agents

C airline security and safety managers

D airport customs and FBI agents

Question 7 of 20

The US Customs Service is the primary enforcement agency charged with:

A airport customs enforcement

B stopping illegal arms shipments across US borders

C the protection of US borders at 300 ports of entry

D stopping illegal drug smuggling across US borders

Question 8 of 20

The FBI has five priorities including terrorism, organized crime, federal drug offenses, white-collar crime, and:

A foreign intelligence operations in the US

B internet scams and pornography

C identifying victims of airline crashes

D drug interdiction in the US

Question 9 of 20

You are escorting a federal prisoner from Houston, Texas to a prison in New York City The Houston airport security officials ask to see your:

A FBI identification

B DEA identification

C US Marshal identification

D Houston Police identification

Question 10 of 20

The United States Postal Inspection Service has a list of characteristics that are common in mail bombs They include all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:

A the label is preprinted

B it may have excessive postage

C it may display distorted handwriting

D the return address may be fictitious or nonexistent

Question 11 of 20

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that airports provide security measures to ensure:

A that terrorists do not board airplanes

B the safety of passengers, freight, and personnel

C all bags are checked

D bomb-sniffing dogs are available if x-ray machines break down

Question 12 of 20

Initially, there were three general security concepts for the physical arrangements of the main terminal facility They included:

A sterile concourses and sterile boarding areas

B screening checkpoint augmentation and profiling passengers

C sterile ticket counters and departure gate screenings

D extra law enforcement in concourses and boarding areas

Question 13 of 20

The sterile concourse establishes an area to which access:

A to baggage is restricted

B is denied unless you have two forms of ID

C is allowed if you have a ticket

D is controlled by the inspection of persons and property

Question 14 of 20

Who is responsible for hiring and training the Checkpoint Security Supervisors?

A Federal government

B Airport operators

C Airline carriers

D Airport security managers

Question 15 of 20

Contract or federal airport security personnel must rely on __________ Police can use __________

A force; persuasion

B persuasion; force

C stun guns; weapons

D weapons; stun guns

Question 16 of 20

According to the FAA, baggage can be screened physically by use of x-ray equipment or:

A explosive-detection equipment

B bomb-sniffing dogs

C the Checkpoint Security Supervisor

D hand-held metal detectors

Question 17 of 20

What is the best way to screen computers/laptops that belong to airline passengers?

A Check computers with a hand-held metal detector

B Boot up the computer

C Tap the computer to listen for ‘dead’ spaces

D Have a bomb-sniffing dog inspect the computer

Question 18 of 20

When using a hand-held metal detector to search a passenger, the proper method is to start at:

A the feet

B the back of the body

C the knees

D the top of the body

Question 19 of 20

According to long-standing international agreements, the __________ is/are never to be inspected

A pockets of the diplomatic courier

B checked baggage of the diplomatic courier

C diplomatic pouch carried by the diplomatic courier

D carry-on baggage of the diplomatic courier

Question 20 of 20

Where or when can properly trained pilots use their 40-caliber weapons during a flight?

A In the cockpit

B In the cabin

C In the cockpit or the cabin

D If the hijacker shoots first