Question 1Which contaminant played a role in the origin of the “Madhatter” character in &q

Question 1Which contaminant played a role in the origin of the “Madhatter” character in “Alice inWonderland”?A.ArsenicB.LeadC.MercuryD.ChromiumQuestion 2In terms of dose-response behavior, selenium is an example element with no known biological functionQuestion 3The increased concentration of an element in an aquatic organism relative to water it lives in,acquired over its life is calledA.bioconcentrationB.bioaccumulationC.biomagnificationQuestion 4List six uses of lead that make cause exposure to humans.Question 5Tetraethyl lead is the most common form of lead in paints.TrueFalseQuestion 6Describe the free ion activity model.Question 7Which dissolved copper species is most toxic to aquatic organisms?A.CuHCO3B.Cu(OH)2C.Cu2+D.CuCl2E.Cu(CN)Question 8A water sample consists of the following cadmium species and their percentages of the totalcadmium concentration: Cd2+ (36 %); CdHCO3- (14 %); CdCl- (25 %); and Cd(OH)2 (25 %).What percentage of Cd is toxic to aquatic organisms (only enter the number without a % sign)?Question 9Biomagnification is a process typical of most metals.TrueFalseQuestion 10In its bioavailable form, which element is a neurotoxin?A.PbB.CdC.HgD.CuE.AsQuestion 11The species of mercury of greatest concern for bioaccumulation and health risks to humans isA.elemental mercuryB.divalent inorganic mercuryC.methylmercuryQuestion 12Describe how the solid phase speciation (i.e., chemical form) of lead affects its bioaccessibilityin the human digestive tract.Question 13Briefly describe the chemical and biological processes by which mercury from a coal-firedpower plant enters a lake and makes it way to humans through fish caught and consumed by afisherman or fisherwoman.