QUESTION 1Which of the following statements is true about a firmâ??s decision to â??mass marketâ?� a

QUESTION 1Which of the following statements is true about a firm’s decision to “mass market” a product?A.This decision considers a market segmentation analysis to be an optional requirement.B.This decision should be reached only after a market segmentation analysis has been conducted.C.This decision requires that a company selects a target market first.D.This decision can be reached only after the firm develops the marketing mix.1 points QUESTION 2What does the horizontal dimension of the VALS™ framework represent?A.Secondary needsB.ResourcesC.Consumer needsD.Primary motivation1 points QUESTION 3According to the VALS™ framework, the _____ are consumers who are change leaders and are most receptive to new ideas and technologies.A.innovatorsB.survivorsC.thinkersD.believers1 points QUESTION 4Johnson & Coleman has created a new line of premium quality writing desks. The desks are being marketed to consumers who value knowledge and principles. According to the VALS™, which of the following psychographic groups would the writing desk appeal to the most?A.AchieversB.StriversC.ExperiencersD.Thinkers1 points QUESTION 5When embarking on a new or modified marketing program, a company should conduct a(n)_____ first.A.a priori segmentation analysisB.mixed contingency analysisC.complete situational analysisD.vendor analysis1 points QUESTION 6_____ refers to an approach that identifies specific households in a market by focusing on local neighborhood geography (such as zip codes) to create classifications of actual, addressable, mappable neighborhoods where consumers live and shop.A.Psychographic segmentationB.Social segmentationC.Benefit segmentationD.Geodemographic segmentation1 points QUESTION 7The ad for Concordia kitchen cabinets states, “For an exceptional look in cabinetry that you won’t find anywhere else, buy Concordia cabinets.” This is an example of positioning:A.based on superiority to competitive terms of superior product users.C.based on being a cost-leader in the market.D.relative to a product class.1 points QUESTION 8In the case of segmentation for entirely new products, which of the following approaches for determining key market dimensions would you recommend?A.An a priori approachB.A post hoc approachC.An empirical approachD.A cross-functional approach1 points QUESTION 9Clear Spring is a brand of bottled that is marketed as a much better product than Cool Blue, which is a competing brand of bottled water. The Clear Spring brand of bottled water is use or terms of particular types of product users.C.relative to a product class.D.directly against a particular competitor.1 points QUESTION 10The Nielsen PRIZM system includes maps of different areas that:A.rank neighborhoods on their potential to purchase specific products or consumers in particular countries that are similar in many implement and control the strategic plan of that area.D.are used for providing slotting allowances to retailers.