Question 241pts Carbon and energy are among the most basic life resources and organisms that have be

Question 241pts Carbon and energy are among the most basic life resources and organisms that have been classified with respect to how they are obtained. What term describes an organism that obtains these substances from inorganic molecules in rock and air?photoautotrophchemoautotrophphotoheterotrophchemoheterotrophFlag this QuestionQuestion 251pts Viruses may rapidly evolve resistance to vaccines and medications by modifying their DNA; what mechanism(s) do they use?Viral DNA replication is sloppy; random DNA variations often result in viral proteins that reduce the effectiveness of current treatments.Adjacent viruses form a conjugation tube and exchange DNA laterally.Dying viruses burst open, and another virus can take up the released DNA.One virus can produce enzymes that change the DNA of another virus.Flag this QuestionQuestion 261pts Large-scale agriculture usually ________ biodiversity.has no effect ondecreasesincreasesimprovesFlag this QuestionQuestion 271pts The kingdom Bacteria consists of the same species as the domain Bacteria.TrueFalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 281pts Prokaryotes differ in several ways from eukaryotes; one of the most distinctive isthe ability to reproduce.a nucleus that encloses the cell’s DNA.having hereditary material composed of DNA.the absence of a plasma membrane.Flag this QuestionQuestion 291pts Cells perform many complex processes; in what way does the membranous compartmentalization seen in eukaryotes aid in these processes?Protecting sperm and ova within membranous compartments prior to their release improves the success of sexually reproducing species.If cells are accidentally damaged, the random distribution of compartmentalized components ensures that any fragment will be able to survive and assume an independent life.Specific compartmental membranes can have unique sets of transport proteins that allow the compartment to accumulate and concentrate the necessary chemical reactants.Toxic by-products such as oxygen and carbon dioxide can be permanently stored within compartments dedicated to waste containment.