QUESTION 41Almost _____ of Milgram’s participants were “glad” to have participated, and just over __

QUESTION 41Almost _____ of Milgram’s participants were “glad” to have participated, and just over _____ were “sorry” to have taken part.65%; 1%65%; 15%85%; 1%85%; 15%1 points QUESTION 42The hierarchy of needs is a(n) _____ theory of motivation.behavioralpsychoanalytichumanisticevolutionary1 points QUESTION 43Cindy selects a sample of college students. She finds a relationship between the students’ scores on an impulsivity scale and their scores on a measure of problem drinking. Cindy wishes to predict the likelihood that a new sample will show the same relationship. She therefore computes _____ statistics.correlationalexperimentaldescriptiveinferential1 points QUESTION 44Exercise stimulates the release of _____, the brain’s natural painkiller.endorphinsdopamineserotonincortisol1 points QUESTION 45Among individuals who commit suicide, the most common psychological disorders are major depressive disorder and:schizophrenia.generalized anxiety disorder.bipolar disorder.substance abuse disorder.1 points QUESTION 46According to a behavior therapist, how are psychological disorders treated MOST effectively?The client must learn new responses.Maladaptive thought patterns should be challenged or changed.Unconscious conflicts should be brought to light.Neurotransmitter irregularities should be rectified through drugs.1 points QUESTION 47Brett has an intense, irrational fear of needles and other sharp objects. Brett might be diagnosed with:agoraphobia.panic disorder.generalized anxiety disorder.specific phobia.1 points QUESTION 48When one is conscious, one is:able to respond to environmental stimuli.capable of higher-level thinking.aware of oneself and the environment.awake and alert.1 points QUESTION 49An individual’s 23 chromosome pairs make up his or her:phenotype.genotype.DNA.genome.1 points QUESTION 50According to the textbook, “deinstitutionalization was made possible by the introduction of medications that reduced some symptoms of severe psychological disorders.” In other words, advances in _____ therapy paved the way for deinstitutionalization.psychodynamicbehavioralinsightbiomedical