Question 6: Career Development/Life Plan Instructions: Graduate programs are organized to help provi

Question 6: Career
Development/Life Plan

Instructions: Graduate programs are organized to help
provide the student with a well-rounded, balanced curriculum of interrelated
courses. These courses are to help
stimulate and facilitate learning on a higher-level for graduate students, but
sometimes the higher-level or order of thinking is not fully utilized to its
fullest extent. In many instances,
students are asked to recall, comprehend, and apply given concepts, issues, and
theories – instead of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating their importance
or relevance to one’s future career aspirations. Thus, one’s countless hours of studies to
obtain a graduate degree may mean just that – a graduate degree in a physical
sense, not a practice one.

After completing your graduate coursework, how can you use
your coursework in your current and future career plans? Have you been able to incorporate and utilize
the various elements of learning (concepts, theories, issues, discussions) into
your current work situation? Please
provide a detailed discussion of this potential application process of your
graduate coursework. Specifically, do
you think that you will be able to carry over the knowledge gained in your
graduate coursework into your future career plans? Were there specific courses that you considered
more important than others in terms of your personal and professional
development? Were there courses that you
helped you to achieve more personal and professional enrichment? As noted before, please be as detailed as
possible in your answering and justification of your responses. Finally, upon successful completion of this
master’s comprehensive examination, you will become a new graduate of
APUS. As a future APUS graduate, you may
have recommendations and/or suggestions for your given program of study – so
this is an opportunity to illustrate such recommendations and/or suggestions in
terms of offering these thoughts in a precise and analytical manner. From the perspective of your given
discipline, should there be any changes or modifications to strengthen the
course offerings in your program of study?

Submission: The various assignments for this course should
be submitted as Word.doc attachments in the Assignment section of our virtual
classroom. Each file should be named in the following manner: Last
name–truncated Week Number-Assignment name (abbreviated if necessary)