Question description Introduction:Politicians, the media, and parents consistently comment that “sch

Question description

Introduction:Politicians, the
media, and parents consistently comment that “school’s used to be safe
havens for our children,” but based on our history, is this reality or
fantasy? Of course, one could argue that referring to schools as safe havens
was neither reality nor fantasy but an idea of what we believed schools should
be Unfortunately, a belief based on a denial of facts does not protect
schools, students, or educators In fact, the denial of these facts have placed
our schools at greater risk of victimization and targeted violence Denial,
whether intentional or unintentional, deprived us of 237 years between the
first-known incident of targeted school violence in the United States, which
occurred at Enoch Brown Elementary School, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, on
Thursday, July 26, 1764, and the research undertaken by the USSS and USDOE in
its 2001 SSI (“School Violence Around the World,” nd; US Secret
Service National Threat Assessment Center, US Department of education, &
National Institute of Justice, 2000)


Analyze through research, whether
the phenomenon of targeted school violence was minimalized over the years and
whether this minimization resulted in the extreme targeted school violence and
contagion of violence we are experiencing today?

Additional Instructions:

1 Assess the phenomenon of school

Provide two explanations you found
in your readings that explain the public’s misconception of schools being safe

Explore offender-related
communications relative to school violence pre-event, during the event, and

Describe why parents are likely to
ignore or miss pre-warning communications

Explain the use of threat
assessment in pre- through post-secondary education

Explain how your local and state
boards of education address threat assessment in their secondary school plans

Special Instructions:

Create a 1 page essay in APA
format according to the instructions above Use 2 sources for references Be
sure to utilize in-text citations