Question:1) Market justice would be associated most closely


1) Market justice would be associated most closely with which idea:

a) welfare benefits

b) invisible hand

c) work ethic

d) worker controlled socialism

2) One of the consequences of the increasing number of service jobs say the critics are:

a) decrease in technological innovation

b) increased cost of doing business

c) increased the trade deficit

d) it will lead to worker-controlled capitalism

3) Herman Daly proposes that:

a) Globalization is a desirable state of affairs

b) a federation of national communities is outmoded

c) corporate competitiveness on a global scale

4) Globalization as described by Daly:

a) increases the range of jobs available to us

b) in global trade intellectual property is increasingly shared in a beneficial way

c) corporations end up with monopoly ownership of many patents

d) globalization enables corporations to internalize costs

5) The short-term focus of corporations tends to:

a) lead to increased capital spending

b) lead to decreased capital spending

c) reduces the temptation to engage in fraudulent behavior

d) lead to increased accountability

6) The creation of the World Trade Organization tends to:

a) affirm national borders

b) serve the interests of member nations

c) erase national borders

d) make the World Bank responsive to the needs of the poor

7) Mercantile capitalism:

a) wants to restrict imports

b) wants to increase imports

c) wants to decrease bullion holdings in the interest of increasing capital in the form of currency

d) measures profits in terms of goods and land

8) After the financial crash of 2008, governments tried to stabilize financial markets by:

a) increasing interest rates

b) lowering interest rates

c) aiding those who lost their homes

d) leaving interest rates alone

9) Which of the following philosophical positions would Herman Daly most likely agree with:

a) utilitarianism

b) egoism

c) Rawlsianism

d) libertarianism

10) Doing a cost-benefit analysis is most like which of the following:

a) Kanta’s hypothetical imperative

b) nonconsequentialst ethics

c) utilitarian thinking

d) a supererogatory action

Please provide explanation for each answer, please.

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