Question:1 The term water resourcesrefers to water for________ [] asustainablequalityoflife [] susta

Question:1 The term water resourcesrefers to water for________

[] asustainablequalityoflife

[] sustainingthenaturalenvironment [ ] both of these

Under the heading Key Messages: Water Resourcesare three sub-headings The first, Climate Change Impacts on the Water Cycle, contains observation-based evidence consistent with climate change and projections of climate change First, it states “Annual precipitation and river-flow increases are observed now in the ________

[A map on page iv delineates and labels US geographical regions as employed by the NCA3]

[ ] Northwest and Southeast [ ] Midwest and Northeast

[ ] Northeast and Southwest

  1. It continues, “Very heavy precipitation events have increased nationally and are projected to increase in ________“

[] theNorthwest [] theMidwest [] theNortheast [ ] all regions

  1. Continuing on, “The length of dry spells is projected to increase in most areas, especially the ________ portions of the contiguous United States“

[ ] northwestern and southeastern [ ] midwestern and northeastern

[ ] southern and northwestern

  1. “Short-term (seasonal or shorter) droughts are expected to intensify in most US regions Longer-term droughts are expected to intensify in large areas of the ________“
  • [] Southeast
  • [] Southern Great Plains
  • [] Southwest
  • [] allofthese
  1. ________ is (are) expected to imperil the sustainability of coastal freshwater aquifers and wetlands
  • [] Sealevelrise
  • [] Storm and storm surges
  • [] Changes in surface and groundwater use patterns
  • [] Allofthese
  1. Under the sub-heading, Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources Use and Management, it is stated, “Climate change affects water demand and the ways water is used ” All of the following exceptthe ________ “are particularly vulnerable to changes in water supply and demand“
  2. [ ] Northwest
  3. [] Southwest
  4. [] GreatPlains
  5. [] Southeast

CCS 9 – 2 – SP18

  1. Under the same sub-heading, it is stated that “Increasing flooding risk affects human safety and health, property, infrastructure, economies and ecology in ________ across the United States“

[ ] many basins

[ ] high drought areas

[] hightemperatureareas

  1. On page 43, under the heading Changes to Water Demand and Use, it is stated “Climate change, acting concurrently with demographic, land-use, energy generation and use, and socioeconomic changes, is challenging existing water management practices by affecting water availability and demand and by exacerbating competition among uses and users” Later on, on this same page, it is noted that, Nationally, among the contiguous US states, consumptive water use is dominated by ________ uses This is because of the use of water for this purpose in the western states In the east, water withdrawals mainly serve other uses

[] municipal

[] industrial

[ ] irrigation

[] thermoelectric

  1. On the maps at the bottom of page 43 are projected percentage changes in water withdrawals from 2005 to 2060 in the contiguous US as calculated in two emissions scenarios; (a) Without Climate Change, and (b) With Climate Change Both scenarios include the same anticipated changes in population and socioeconomic conditions, but (b) has projected climate change included With climate change added, areas with greater than 50% increase in water withdrawals are found in ________

[ ] nearly every region of the contiguous 48 states [] onlytheGreatPlains

[] onlytheNorthwest

  1. While the maps on the bottom of page 43 deal with the projected increases in water demand, the maps on the bottom of page 44 describe the projected declines in water supplies by county essentially through the first half of the 21st century Comparison of maps (a) and (b) on page 44 reveals the projected impact of climate change on water supply decline According to the text below the maps, “Compared to the 10% of counties today, by 2050, ________% of counties will be at high or extreme risk of water shortages“

[ ] 32 [] 42 [] 52

CCS 9 – 3 – SP18

12 Map (b) on page 44 shows most regions of the contiguous US are projected to have at least some declines in water supply due to climate change The leastimpacted region is expected to be the ________

[] Northwest [] GreatPlains [ ] Northeast [] allregions

  1. The coloration of the map suggests and the bar graph insert in the figure explicitly reveals that the average annual precipitation over thecontiguousUS has already generally ________ in recent decades

[ ] increased

[] decreased

[] remainedaboutthesame

  1. At the same time, the map shows that a large portion of the Southwest, the western Great Plains, and the Southeast ________ experience areas of lowered precipitation

[ ] did

[ ] did not

15 On page 44, various ways in which projected climate change attributes described above degrade water quality are identified Explicitly mentioned is that changing land cover, flood frequencies, and flood magnitudes are expected to increase the movement of sediments in ________

CCS 9 – 4 – SP18

[] lakes

[] saturatedsoils

[ ] large river basins

16 Go to https://toolkitclimategovand click on “Steps to Resilience” at the top of the page A framework is presented that can guide you through the process of planning and implementing climate resilient projects and includes the step(s) to ________Click on the five steps to resilience in sequence to learn how they can help you identify climate vulnerabilities and select actions to address them

[] explorehazards

[] assessvulnerabilities&risks [] investigateoptions

[] prioritize&plan

[] takeaction

[] allofthese

17 The example given describes a potential flooding situation in ________ Read how this city found a solution to abandoned property in a flood plain by working with a private sector company and a National Weather Service River Forecast Center

[ ] Fargo, ND

[ ] Fort Collins, CO

18 “Step 5, Take Action” calls for implementation of the plan and asking if your actions are increasing climate resiliency Scroll down to Monitor your results This section calls for measuring the effectiveness of each step by ________

  • [] seekinginputandfeedback
  • [] paying attention to factors beyond your control
  • [] measuringtheeffectivenessofeachstep
  • [] making adjustments necessary before moving to the next phase
  • [] allofthese