Wood’s Fair is a company of travelling showmen operating

Wood’s Fair is a company of travelling showmen operating on a circuit of towns in Kent and South East London, staying approximately one week in each town between May

Bank Holiday and 1st weekend in October, when the fair closes for the winter. The families who own and operate the fairground rides and stalls live in their large caravans

on site during the season. Each season the fair recruits a number of casual assistants who help run the rides during the season. These casual staff are usually young men

and they live together, dormitory style, in one caravan, in rather cramped, unhealthy conditions.

Owing to the lack of good cooking facilities, none of the fair people have a wellbalanced diet and the casual staff in particular mainly eat burgers and fries from the

fair’s burger van. As a result, obesity is a common problem. Fairground rides can be dangerous and the fair people do the best maintenance on

the machines that they can, but each year in the UK a few people are hurt riding or working on fairground rides. Some of the fairground rides are very old, notably the

Galloping Horses ride, which is more than 50 years old.

The lorries that transport the fairground rides and stalls are Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and at present there is a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK. Large companies

are offering premium rates to HGV drivers to switch jobs and work for them and there is a risk that the fair may lose some of its drivers.

Most of the fair’s customers pay for their rides and amusements in cash and because the fair closes late in the evening, it is not possible to deposit that cash in the bank the

same day, but has to be stored on site overnight. The main families all own guard dogs to protect their caravans at night. Occasionally these guard dogs will bite someone.

The fair is not computerised and there is no wifi. Over the last ten years, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has been introducing compulsory real-time reporting of PAYE

income tax for employees. Each family that employs staff is required to report weekly earnings to HMRC and to collect the relevant tax. Some do this on laptops tethered to

mobile phones and others attempt to make the submissions directly by phone.

Identify any operational, cyber and supply chain risks present in the scenario above. Using the four Ts of risk control, what advice would you give to the fair in relation to each of the risks you identify.

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